The selection mechanic in MWTC is different from most tactics games, which may cause veteran strategy gamers some confusion, but it can be mastered. There are three primary modes of selection in the game: Tap, Double Tap, and Swipe. A tap on the sidebar simply selects or deselects the unit, which is a good way to pick units when you aren’t in a hurry or you want to make a very specific selection of multiple units, but can be too slow in the midst of combat.

A quick way to select a single unit for effective micromanagement is to double tap a unit frame, this will select only that unit and deselect all others automatically. It will also focus your camera on the unit in question, so you don’t have to look for it on the map. This is a useful feature for quickly selecting a single unit to issue commands, such as ordering it to charge an enemy, jump behind a strong opponent to hit him in the back, or shoot at Elementals that are swarming another friendly unit.

Swiping the sidebar is very useful if you want to split your lance and operate in multiple places at the same time. Swiping over the entire bar will deselect selected units and select unselected ones, effectively inverting your selection, so if you want to make two teams of two, or one team of three and one ‘mech operating as a lone wolf this allows you to go back and forth between them quickly.

By holding on a unit frame in the sidebar you can grab it and slot it back into the sidebar in a different position, this allows you to put units that you often want to select together on top of each other in the sidebar, which makes swiping to select them even quicker.