Mechwarrior: Tactical Command 1.3.1 has been released to the public on 14th March 2013. Support for first Generation iPad is still not considered fully stable but has reached a playable level at the expense of reducing the graphics quality and features. Players on first Generation iPads and devices with limited memory should not play for long sessions as memory usage will cause the game to crash. Players should consider shorter play sessions of 1 to 2 levels per session.

iCloud support is introduced in 1.3.1 (1.3.0) with the launch of the iPhone release. However we DO NOT Recommend that players enable iCloud support due to way that iOS handles updates. This can cause synchronization issues which would cause the game to crash. We are currently working to improve this feature. We advise players not to enable this service for the time being.

Any players unable to complete Winfield 4 due to crashes, there exists an option to
disable the in-game fmv in Winfield 4 via main menu(Options). Players unable to repeatedly complete any mission, kindly email our tech support at the following email address,

The oft-requested customization feature, Mech Lab has been added into the game. (We do not get advance test devices from Apple and are required to purchase them through the same channels as the public.) Any issues will be updated here.

Gameplay Support

Q: The guide on Twycross 6 stops moving halfway through the mission.
A: This may due to the trigger system that governs the guide’s movement breaking. To make sure this does not happen do not immediately follow the guide. Wait until the guide stops to wait for your ‘mechs before moving them to his position.

Q: The game crashes on Launch of the First Mission after pressing the Red Button to Launch (This is the first time I am playing the game)
A: This is due to a file synchronization issue for iCloud support. Due to the nature of providing iCloud support, sometimes, these files are not created in time when the first mission launches. Just relaunch the mission to overcome this issue after restarting the game. We currently advise players to switch off iCloud.

Q: My play area seems to be stretched horizontally
A: Paused the Game and hold the device in a landscape orientation (horizontally) and resume play. The rendering should no longer be stretched.

Q: Suddenly the User Interface (HUD) disappears, what is happening
A: The game has gone into screen capture/video capture mode. This is a feature for people to do screen captures and video of their game play sessions without the User Interface hiding the play area. This is trigger by doing using 2 fingers to tap on the screen repeatedly for 4 times very quickly. To exit this mode, all you have to do is to issue the same command (2 Finger Quad Tap) again. Everything still works but the contextural menu is hidden but the positioning remains the same. This is true for all versions to 1.3.1. We have realized from player feedback that this might be triggered accidentally on a smaller screen device. We will plan some changes for prevent this from occurring accidentally and update everyone in due course.

Q: The contextual input system is not working properly
A: Restart the mission without loading from saved checkpoint. i.e. do not load from interrupted mission

Q: I cannot complete Butler Mission 6.
A: You can complete Butler Mission 6 by following this walkthrough.

Q: I've completed all objectives in a mission but it refuses to end. I've even reloaded my save several times and it still refuses to end.
A: Once all primary objectives have been completed wait about 30 seconds. If the mission still does not end then it is possible that there is something wrong with the in mission save file (especially if the mission was intterupted by a crash). To remedy this you will have to start the mission again and make sure that the mission is not loaded from an interrupted save i.e from a crash.

Q: In which mission is the Mech Lab available?.
A: The Mech Lab will be available from the start of Butler Missions.

Q: Winfield 4 crashes.
A: There exists an option to disable the in-game fmv in Winfield 4 via the main menu(Options). This should help alleviate some of the more serious memory issues for first generation iPad users.

Q: The app crashes when I sell a mech in the mech bay.
A: A temporary workaround solution to this is to deploy said mech that you want to sell into the deployment page. Thereafter, proceed to sell said mech from the mech bay normally.

Q: Sometimes my units will ignore orders or not walk to a location that I order them to, why is that so?
A: There are 2 possible explanations for this, the first is that your units will auto shoot when detecting Enemy units around, the second is that it is a bug which has been fixed in version 1.0.2, A work around is to issue a run command which will disable to auto-shooting system.

Q: I am unable to complete Winfield Mission 7 "Meet with Omata Mission Objective".
A: The location to complete the objective in version 1.0.1 is very small, please refer to the graphic link here for the location. This has been fixed in 1.0.2.

Technical Support

Q: The graphics become rescaled when portrait orientation is triggered during a video.
A: A simple work-around to this issue would be to pause the game and resume it. This should rescale the in-game graphics back to their normal sizes.

Q: No matter what I do the game continues to crash/exit unexpectedly.
A: There are known issues that cause the game to crash on devices using the iOS 6 operating system. Since iOS 6 only came out recently the game has not been thoroughly tested on devices using it. We are currently working on a fix for this problem.

Q: My game crashed/exited unexpectedly, how can I prevent this in the future?
A: MechWarrior® Tactical Command™ is a very hardware intensive game. For a smoother gameplay experience exit all other apps running in the background on your device. To do this: double tap the home button to open the app switcher. This should display all the apps currently running. You can delete them from here to shut them down.

Q: My game has a tendency to crash while playing cinematics after a mission.
A: We are aware of the problem and it will be fixed in patch 1.0.3.

Other Questions

Q: When is iPhone Support coming for Mechwarrior: Tactical Command?
A: Mechwarrior: Tactical Command 1.3.0 has been released with support for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Q: I want to custom my Mechs, does Personae Studios have plans to support this feature?
A: The Mech Lab is currently being developed and has been planned since the start of the project. Expect an announcement shortly before it is ready. The Mech Lab is planned for release with Mechwarrior: Tactical Command 1.1.0.

Q: Will MechWarrior: Tactical Command™ be iOS exclusive?
A: At this time we have no plans to take MechWarrior: Tactical Command™ to any other non-iOS platforms.

Last Update: 20th March 2013

Questions? Please contact for the development of MechWarrior:Tactical Command.

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