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Tips to Avoid Crashes on Older Devices

Tips to Avoid Crashes on Older Devices

The slow downs and subsequent crashes during the gaming experience are linked to running out of system resources. This usually happens on older devices, like the iPhone 4, around Windfield mission 6. Here are some general solutions to try:


Turn your iDevice on and off again by pressing and holding the sleep button on top of the iPhone until you are prompted to slide the arrow. In a few seconds, press and hold the sleep button again until the phone powers on.


Make sure no other apps are running on your task bar. Do this by double clicking the home screen, and holding down the app until you can press the red arrows. Having other apps open may make your device run out of memory.


Make sure you have time to game, and play the mission through from the beginning. To avoid a crash, play in one sitting rather than reloading a saved game.


5 Tips: To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone Battery For Heavy Gaming

5 Tips: To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone Battery For Heavy Gaming

No one wants to sit next to a power outlet when playing on their iPhone. What to do during your long commute, boring class, or daily game time when your battery life is quickly dropping? Here are some tips:

1. Reduce Brightness

Go into settings and reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen. The brighter the screen, the more battery the phone is using. Play your game on a setting that is bright enough for you to see, but dim enough to have some extra playing time.

2. Shut Off Bluetooth

If your gaming experience does not include wireless headsets, turn off your Bluetooth. When your phone is on and waiting for Bluetooth connection, your battery and game time is shortened. You can find this option in the Settings screen of your iPhone.

3. One App at a Time

Make sure your game is the only app that is running. Close out of the apps that are running in the background, because they are being powered by your battery! You can find these in the bottom bar after pressing the home screen.

4. Be Updated

Update your phone as new software is made available. New versions may include programming that can improve your battery life. You will receive notifications on your phone when an update is available.

5. Get an Extended Battery

Many companies sell iPhone cases that extend your battery life. To make the most of your iPhone battery, simply add another one!

Keep Charged and Game On!

5 Reasons We Love MechWarrior for the iPhone

MechWarrior: Tactical Command has recently been made available on the App Store. This exciting release allows you to travel with your Mechs in your back pocket!

Room to Explore 

The MechWarrior app takes you through 21 missions! Travel across 3 different planets from the Battletech universe during your journey. There is nothing like getting up close and personal with the action. With the controllable camera, you can enjoy the full 3D environment.

Getting Into the Action

Intro and cut scenes bring you into the action! Follow the story throughout your gameplay. Get to learn more about the MechWarriors, and keep your eye on the mission objectives with these clips. Graphics have been optimized for iOS 6 with retina display.

We’re In Control 

Controls and commands are easy to use. With just a simple tap, you can work towards defeating your enemy. Tutorials early on in the game introduces you to these navigation and controls. You can choose from three difficulty modes, and customize resources, technology, weaponry, and upgrades.

Getting Strategical

This app tests your skills in strategy. Customization and planning greatly enhances game play. As you progress, the game becomes more difficult. Who doesn’t love a challenge in Mech battles?

Staying True

While this app may be new, it does not lose sight of its BattleTech roots. Did you grow up playing the BattleTech board game? Lovers of MechWarrior can now enjoy their game on the go!

Have you downloaded MechWarrior: Tactical Command on your iPhone yet? The Federated Commonwealth is waiting for your command!

MechWarrior: Tactical Command now available for iPhone

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here…. MechWarrior: Tactical Command is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch! You will be able to enjoy the luxury of iCloud support, allowing you to move your game profiles between your Apple products!

Get ready for 21 missions across 3 planets, battling in a fully 3D environment! Jump into the action with a controllable camera, allowing you to get up close and personal, take a look at the bigger picture, and rotate 360 degrees! It is your turn to help the mechwarriors defend the Federated Commonwealth from Clan Jade Flacon, are you ready?!

Take advantage of our 48 hour launch sale, and download MechWarrior: Tactical Command for only $0.99 USD by visiting the App store!

The Joys of Mobile Gaming for the Ipad

Let’s be honest: mobile gaming is an incredibly awesome invention. Never before have we been able to play as many games, in as many different places, with as little equipment. So in honor of modern technology, we’re about to tell you the top five place to play iPad games – especially those heart-thumping, finger-exercising action games we know and love.

1) Commutes
If you’re lucky enough not to be driving your carpool this week, or you ride the bus, make everyone’s journey a little better by sharing your love of gaming out loud. Sitting in the backseat or bus seat with a coworker on each side can be a very awkward situation. But, with the help of the iPad you have to bring to work anyway, the ride can be a great opportunity to get some cheers and moral support to help you through that killer level.

2) Early Mornings
It may sound crazy, but nothing wakes us up quite like a good adrenaline rush from a near-death experience. While we’d prefer not to deal with any actual trolls, robots, or orcs at 5 am, on-screen ones are just the right dose of mental capacity to get us out of bed. Take advantage of the fact that all of your games are within reaching distance of your pillow! You’ll more than make up for that 15 minutes with all the extra time you’ll save actually being awake while you get ready.

3) Waiting Rooms
Whether you’re waiting for a yearly checkup, to get a cavity filled, or to renew your license, nothing is worse than waiting for a really long time for something you really don’t want to do. Unlike a computer, though, your iPad can easily come with you in a bag or backpack and be put away for the appointment in question. We find ourselves actually looking forward to those random twenty-minute to two-hour waits so that we can finish that next level sooner.

4) Long Trips
We probably don’t have to tell you to take along your iPad on a plane or train journey – it’s a force of habit for us, at this point. But what about on a fishing or camping trip? Not only will it be a lifesaver if you get lost and have a map of the area pre-downloaded, but the battery life is actually pretty good. So, if you find yourself unable to sleep the second the sun goes down, give yourself something to do and finish the last bit of that game you’ve been working on for months.

5) Dinner and a Show
When we’re grabbing lunch during a long day, there might not be time to linger over a three-course meal, or even to take a lunch break with friends. In that case, rather than scarf down a sandwich in two minutes and sadly return to the office, we’d rather take our whole half hour and use it for some entertainment while eating. Even on weekends, gaming while sitting at a nice café is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Do you have other favorite places to game? Other times when your iPad provides a much-needed distraction? Let us know below!

What Brightness Level Should my iPad be set to for Gaming?

It’s an ages-old dilemma…or at least a months-old one. You turn on your iPad in a dark room, start gaming or surfing the web, and everything’s fine. Then, suddenly, the sun glares in through the open window behind you, the light hits you in the face, and you can’t see anything on your over-brightened screen. So you go into the settings and turn the brightness down to almost zero, and for a half hour or so everything’s fine. Then the sun goes behind a cloud, and you’re left in a dark room with a dark iPad. If the brightness issue is grating on your nerves when you’re gaming, check out our 5 tips below.

1) The Self-Adjusting Screen
Most Apple products, as you may have noticed, have an option in the brightness settings that allows your iPhone or iPad to automatically adjust to the light levels. But if you’re like most iPad users, you may think is a myth based on how frequently it actually works. There’s one thing Apple doesn’t mention – it’s the camera that determines light levels, so a glare on the screen won’t necessarily be compensated for. If you need a quick fix when there’s glare, just move the camera into the center of the light so your screen will adjust.

2) Adjusting Your Own Screen
Another thing about that self-adjusting system: it only adjusts to significant changes in the light, so if you set the level yourself, it will tend to stay there. But if you’re gaming as the sun is rising or setting, your screen might not detect it. Don’t be afraid to pause the game and do a quick fix of your own if your iPad isn’t doing it for you.

3) Inside
When gaming inside, we don’t always like to use artificial light. After all, why not open the window and let in the sun? Well, when using an iPad, the answer may be: because the sun is unpredictable. To solve that problem, we turn on lights and open the window, so that any shifts in sun won’t have as great an effect. Still, keep the brightness on the higher side, so that if the sun disappears you’ll still be able to see.

4) Outside
When you’re gaming, there’s nothing more annoying than suddenly not being able to see. You’re either going to have to pause the game, or, if you can’t see well enough to do that, crash and burn. So, when we’re outside, we prefer a medium level light. Too low, and you won’t be able to see at all. But too high, and every shift in clouds will be an opportunity for glares.

5) Public Transportation
Whether you take public transit to work, carpool, or have your own personal driver, there are plenty of times where you’re moving but still have a free hand. The problem is, a super bright screen in a car or fast-moving train can look streaky and hurt your eyes. We keep the light levels low when we’re travelling – besides, if you’re underground on the subway, who needs any more light than those fluorescent ones?

So, maybe it’s not the worst problem in the world, but now it shouldn’t be a problem at all anymore! If you have any issues, drop a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Which iPad Should I Buy?

One of our first concerns when designing MechWarrior: Tactical Command for the iPad was making sure it would be as good an experience on all types of iPads. So, now that we’ve done that…you’ve got even more options in front of you. If you’re considering buying an iPad but aren’t really sure which model is for you (iPad mini? Retina display?), this article should give you a hand.

The first thing you’ll want to take into account is where you’re planning to buy your iPad. Currently, the Apple store only sells the iPad 2, iPad 4, and iPad mini. However, if you’re not attached to the idea of getting it straight from Apple, the iPad 1 and iPad 3  are available from other sellers. You may think buying from a non-Apple seller would be cheaper, but in fact, it can be nigh impossible to find a real bargain. If you want to pay less, the iPad 2 or iPad mini are your best bets, as is the option of buying used.

Obviously, the iPad mini is significantly smaller than a regular iPad – but the iPad 2 and 4 also differ in screen quality. As you can see from this video, the iPad 4′s patented “Retina display” provides a warmer, more readable screen light, which enhances graphics even more. If you’re going to be doing mostly gaming, it might be worth shelling out for the newest model – or at the very least, avoid the lower-resolution iPad 1 and iPad mini. You might find yourself a cheaper iPad 3, which also has the retina display, although these have mostly been “phased out” by Apple.

This one may be a no-brainer, but the iPad mini’s screen is best suited to those who will be reading, not gaming (and have good eyes!). Gaming on that tiny screen isn’t quite as fun as on a full iPad. That said, the mini’s portability really can’t be underestimated, so if you travel a lot, it might be worth the smaller size. For more on the differences, you might want to check out this handy fact sheet. If you’re considering an older model, keep in mind that the iPad 1 is larger and heavier (with no bigger a screen) than its newer counterparts, while iPads 2 through 4 are virtually indistinguishable in size and shape.

The main difference among the 3 iPads still available from Apple, as this chart can tell you, is that the iPad 4 – and only the iPad 4 – has a fancy new CPU to speed up those slow load times. Again, for gaming, this is quite useful. But, if you’re only planning on running a few apps at a time, it may not be completely necessary. As for connectivity speed, all of the iPads come with the option of cell service (although the iPad one is 3G, unlike all the others). If you plan to use your iPad away from home a lot, and won’t have access to free WiFi, it may be worth investing in the cell service plan – but as this comparison attests, it will cost you a bit.

Overall, the main question is what you’re willing to pay for. Do you want the fastest processor, the smoothest graphics, or both? An iPad mini with cell service in any storage size will cost less than a full-size iPad 4 with only WiFi in the same storage size. There are trade-offs with each model. It comes down to which aspects matter more to you – because an iPad 2 or iPad mini with all the WiFi/cellular/storage fixings will cost about the same as a bare-bones iPad 4 – but nevertheless one with superior graphics and CPU speed.

Which model do you have, or which do you want? Let us know in the comments!


The 5 Coolest Giant Robot Photos

We have to admit, one of the best parts of any MechWarrior game is the giant robots. Whether we’re controlling them or letting them do their own thing, there’s something just inherently awesome about a machine that big, especially because in many cases they are built and/or controlled by humans. Mechs are far from the only giant robots out there…so whether mechs can no longer satisfy your craving for all things robot, or you’re just looking for a new wallpaper, read on for some of our favorite giant robot photos.

1) The Iron Giant

If you’re like us, when you were younger, your love of robots began with endless animated films about robots. Our favorite was The Iron Giant, because it was about a regular little kid who meets an actual giant robot. Of course, the Iron Giant was very friendly and gentle…not much like a mech. Nevertheless, it looks pretty impressive, especially with that sweeping skyline in the background.


2) Imperial Walkers

Imperial AT-AT walkers may be a little bit evil, but that just makes them all the more enticing. Their slow, lumbering power is incredibly difficult to deter. While we first saw them getting beaten by Luke Skywalker, in photos they always look somehow permanent, super-powerful and unbeatable. Maybe it’s just because one of the most iconic photos of them is this one. Something about the perspective of three walkers together just emphasizes how huge and hulking they are.


3) Transformers

Going back to the theme of a childhood love of robots…we didn’t have these when we were kids, but our kids have them now – and love them. We have to admit, anything that could get them interested in mechs later is okay in our book. But, having seen the movies, we can see the appeal. I mean, giant robots and sportscars? Yes. We’ve always felt Bumblebee had a rough deal, what with being named after a cute little bug, but this picture proves he is actually awesome.


4) Mechagodzilla

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (also known as the 90′s) a new type of creature was born. One that was not only a giant robot, but a giant-monster-looking robot. One that would come closer than any other enemy to defeating Godzilla. It was…Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla 2, if you want to get really specific. And although this picture makes it look like Godzilla has the upper hand, we feel sure that Mechagodzilla could emerge victorious. After all, when even your injuries look that cool, it has to be pretty much impossible to be defeated.


5) Giant Mech Battle

Okay, you caught us…at least one of our favorite photos has to be of a mech, right? No list of awesome giant robots would be complete without them. Although there are many, many awesome photos out there, we chose this one because it really captures the coolness of two mechs doing battle, explosions and all. And because it’s from a fanfiction forum, and we love fan-created mech art. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

The Truth About How to Charge Your iPad

We’ve generally found that the iPad battery lasts a long time – and of course, it’s long enough to complete many levels of MechWarrior: TC. But, when the battery finally does die, it takes forever to recharge. There’s a lot of information out there about the best way to charge your iPad, and we’ve gone through it all to get to the facts about iPad battery life. If you’re having battery problems with your iPad, read on for the ways to charge your iPad without weakening the battery or taking eons to do it.

When to Charge:
One rumor we hear a lot is that it’s not good to charge your battery for too long, as it can “over-charge.” Although it sounds silly, it is in fact possible. The Telegraph’s tests found that it’s helpful to allow the battery to drain and then recharge at least once a month. You don’t need to wait until the battery dies, though, as leaving the battery in an uncharged state can eat away at battery life. The same goes for leaving the iPad plugged in over night. The good news? Charging while gaming is fine! Which means, if you need full battery all the time, you can charge all day while you play and allow the battery to drain down overnight.

Where to Charge:
According to Apple’s website, it’s important to charge the iPad in a cool place so it doesn’t overheat. While iPads can function at temperatures up the mid-nineties (or around 35 degrees Celsius), they work best at room temperature or a bit lower. While using them a lot or charging them, the battery can overheat. So, if you’re gaming and charging at the same time, you want to make sure you’re in a place that’s on the cooler side.

How to Charge:
When it comes to Apple devices, iPads can be the most confusing to charge. The charging port is the same as on an iPhone, but the device’s size is closer to a Macbook. So, can you use an iPhone charger or USB port to charge the iPad? This helpful chart depicts a test done by Gizmodo that shows you can, but it takes a lot longer. Our recommendation? If you’re gaming and charging at the same time, use a PowerBlock or the standard iPad charger. When not in sleep mode, the iPad may charge slowly or not at all through a USB port.

Tips to Extend Battery Life:
If you find that the battery life drops off quickly after you unplug your iPad, it may not be fully charged. According to MacWorld, the iPad may not reach 100% charge until up to an hour after the battery indicator displays 100%. So leaving the iPad plugged in a bit longer may be useful. You can also check out iPad battery backups if you’re on the go a lot and won’t have time to recharge. You can also extend battery life by turning off things you don’t need. For example, turn down the screen brightness or services that use WiFi and 4G.

Still having problems? We’re happy to help – leave a comment or give us a shout on our Facebook page. We hope these tips help you preserve that iPad battery throughout all of your combat exploits.