The Mechs are out right now!

MechWarrior: Tactical Command is a real time strategy game of explosive robot action! Available now on the iPad App Store!

Command and customize up to four battlemechs as you play through 21 missions across 3 planets taken straight from the lore of the Battletech universe.

Set during the chaotic events of the 3050 Clan Invasion; command the mechwarriors of Winfield’s Regiment as they struggle to defend the Federated Commonwealth from the onslaught of Clan Jade Falcon.

Watch the battle unfold in a fully 3D environment with a controllable camera. Rotate 360 degrees, zoom out to take in the big picture or zoom in to view the carnage up close.

Command your lance with the touch screen, maneuver your ‘mechs to flank the enemy then unleash devastating special attacks such as Alpha Strike and Death from Above. Customize your ‘mechs! Tactical Command’s intuitive ‘mech lab makes refitting your multi-ton death machine simple and easy.

Personae Studios is proud to partner with organizations such as Catalyst Game Labs, Studio MekTek and Virtual World Entertainment for the development of MechWarrior Tactical Command.
At Personae Studios, we recognize the richness and depth of the MechWarrior/BattleTech Universe. The desires of our fanbase is of paramount importance as it is only through these partnerships that MechWarrior Tactical Command would stay close to its heritage.

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